7 People You Should Never Invite to Your Wedding

May 7, 2018
7 People You Should Never Invite to Your Wedding

Let’s be real, weddings are expensive, and wedding planning is stressful. Creating your wedding guest list can feel like a neverending source of anxiety. With pressure from family and friends to invite who they want, it’s easy to lose sight of who’s really important and who should be struck off the list for good. If you’re looking for an excuse to trim your guest list, we’ve come up with a few people definitely should not invite to your wedding

Long-lost Relatives

Blood shouldn’t be thicker than water when it comes to narrowing down the guest list. Just because you’re related doesn’t mean they should be invited to your wedding. Chances are, you’re closer with your friends than that great uncle you met once at a funeral. If the only relationship you have is sharing the same last name, don’t spend your hard earned cash inviting them to your wedding. Invite a friend instead.

Your Ex

No matter how friendly you are with your ex, you’re asking for trouble inviting them to your big day  — even if you think your partner is okay with it. There are tons of potentially awkward moments in the making if you add your ex to the guest list. How would you or your partner react if your ex pulled you into a slow dance or demanded a kiss from the bride? Or worse yet, what if they objected during the ceremony. Jealousy and hurt feelings aren’t emotions you should be dealing with on your wedding night. Best not to take any chances. Nix the exes!

Anyone You Haven’t Spoken To in Years

Whether she was your bestie in grade school or he’s a cousin who moved across the country, they used to be apart of your life but now, not so much. You’ve drifted apart and you can’t remember the last time you had a real conversation. (Liking their latest Facebook post isn’t communication.) Don’t feel bad about leaving them off the guest list. That spot would be better used for someone who is still a close friend or relative.

The Badly Behaved

If your goal is to have a wedding day with as little stress as possible, you really shouldn’t invite that one friend from college who always gets trashed or the aunts who are still feuding over something that happened 25 years ago. Your main concern shouldn’t be managing your guests. Anyone who’s known for causing drama should be kept far away from your guest list. After all, you don’t need to spend the evening worrying about Sara starting a drunken fistfight with one of your bridesmaids.

Your Co-Workers

“Proper etiquette” used to dictate that you always invite your boss to your wedding but it’s 2018 — don’t feel obligated to invite anyone. Sure, not inviting them might make things awkward but inviting them might be even worse. If you don’t hang out with them outside the office, they’d just be taking up valuable guest list space.


Unless things are serious between them, it’s okay to ask your single friends to come without a date. Just be sure there are enough single guests so there are plenty of people to mingle and dance with throughout the night. You don’t need to spend $125/head to invite your bridesmaids latest fling. You’ll just be left wondering who that random guy is when you’re looking through your wedding photos fifteen years from now.

Anyone Who Isn’t 100% Supportive

This one seems pretty obvious but things can get sticky when the unsupportive person happens to be a close friend or family member. Whether they object to your partner or how you’re planning your wedding, they don’t have your back. Just remember: if they didn’t congratulate you on your engagement or they complain about your partner, they shouldn’t be invited to celebrate with you on your wedding day.